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My grandmother began to read Buddha more than fifty years ago. That year, my uncle suffered from serious eye disease. He saw things very vaguely and lived every day as if he were in the dark. Grandma is sad and sad, and she takes her uncle around to seek medical treatment. Uncle takes medicine every day, but the effect is not satisfactory. A relative said that a temple thousands of miles away was very effective. He also said that many people who sought children, wealth and marriage in that temple burned incense and worshiped Buddha fulfilled their wishes.
Grandma was suspicious. That winter, she braved the bitter wind and snow to pray for Buddha, praying for Buddha to bless uncle's eyes to recover as soon as possible. After the beginning of spring, uncle's vision gradually improved. By late autumn, he was able to read on his desk. My uncle said that he ate the medicine every day and became a medicine jar. It's strange that his eyes are not good. Grandma said not only to thank the doctor, but also to thank Buddha for his blessings. So they went to send the doctor a golden banner of "Return to Spring with Wonderful Hands", and offered the statue of Buddha respectfully at home.
Since then, Grandma often burned incense in the morning and sat quietly on the Pu to read Buddha. Chanting Buddha became an indispensable part of her life and seemed to be a gesture of her life.
Years moved quietly, and more than 30 years later, the story of grandma's Buddha recitation was deduced on her mother. It was a rainy May and my brother had ankylosing spondylitis. He was in his twenties, but his spine was bent into a bow, and the pain was unbearable. His parents went to see him everywhere, and the whole family was covered with gloomy and depressed air. Mother began to read Buddha. Like her grandmother, she burned incense every morning and prayed reverently for her brother in front of the Buddha statue. Later, my brother got better and was discharged from the hospital. His spine was still bent, like a hunched old man. The doctor said his spine might not straighten up. Hearing this, our family hugged and sobbed together.
Despite a few clouds in our lives, we strive to make life bright and brilliant.
Mother said, "Since this is the case, we should not be sad, but believe that everything will be all right."
When she returned home, she persisted in treating her brother with medication and hot compress, and often went to the market to buy some spareribs generously for his broth stew. When she was free, her mother sat quietly in front of the Buddha statue and read a few words of Buddha.
Chanting Buddha seems to imply a mother's expectation and longing for life.
After I went to work in the provincial capital, I met a friend who ate fasting Buddha. His room was full of incense wares and Buddhist sutras. He copies Buddhist sutras every day when he is free. I wondered, "You are only in your thirties. Why do you love Buddha so much?"
He said that he had made many mistakes in the past, and chanting Buddha was to wash away the past sins and to redeem the soul.
I said, "Knowing clearly that it was a mistake, why did you do evil in the first place? If you make a mistake, ask for the salvation of the Buddha, hoping that the Buddha will not be able to do anything about your sins. This is also a mistake, which is obviously an ostrich mentality. I think that Buddhism has been telling the world an indestructible truth: people help or save others is in self-improvement and self-redemption.
My friend opened his hands and said frankly, "I didn't realize I was wrong at first. Sometimes I feel that I should go out and give a helping hand to those in need, but I feel that I have nothing to give.
I stared at the Buddhist sutras piled up on his desk and fell into deep meditation. Life is like a difficult and happy practice, life is our unremitting faith. Chanting Buddha is a gesture of living, and also the expectation and longing for the future.

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